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Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Manufacturing with Advanced Technologies

Technology services have transformed the manufacturing industry by enabling smart factories, improving supply chain management, and enhancing operational efficiency. From implementing advanced robotics and automation to leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, IT services have helped manufacturers optimize their production processes and reduce costs. With the increasing demand for customized and personalized products, IT services have become critical in enabling mass customization and agile manufacturing.

Our Experience

Client Challenges: Multi Cloud Implementation

  • Client have been working on maturing their own in-house multi-cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure capabilities and continue to struggle to develop the skills and processes to manage the existing cloud technologies in the entire production environment.  
  • The client chose ALINEDS as their trusted advisor to deliver Cloud and Cybersecurity Architects to manage the execution of multi-cloud technology implementation and address design gaps and integration with on their manufacturing applications.

ALINEDS improved Engagement by

  • Defined a Zero-trust security framework to support the heterogenous cloud technologies such as VMware, Openstack and Azure Cloud (Hybrid).
  • Successful implemented a governance framework to manage the diverse technology vendors that were responsible for implementing their individual technologies within the clients Datacenters and Public Cloud foundation.

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