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Technology services have revolutionized the education industry by enabling remote learning, personalized education, and improving accessibility to education. From online learning platforms and digital content delivery to data analytics and educational apps, technology services have transformed the way students learn and teachers teach. With the increasing demand for digital education solutions, technology services have a crucial role in improving educational outcomes and preparing students for the future.

Our Experience

Client Challenges: ISD Identity and Access Management

  • The school district was faced with a major issue with the complexity of integrating an IAM solution with their existing systems and applications. The IAM solution relies on a variety of protocols and APIs to connect to different applications and services, and configuring these integrations was challenging, especially since the district had a diverse and complex IT environment.

ALINEDS improved Engagement by

  • Conduct thorough planning and testing.
  • Define and enforced access policies.
  • Provided adequate training and support.
  • Established an ongoing maintenance plan.

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