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Technology services have become an integral part of modern government, providing solutions to improve citizen services, enhance data security, and streamline operations. With the increasing demand for transparency and accountability in government, IT services have a crucial role in enabling open data initiatives, digital citizen engagement, and e-governance. From implementing cybersecurity measures to developing advanced data analytics, IT services in government have the potential to transform the way government services are delivered.

Our Experience

Client Challenges: Digital Transformation

  • The Government lacked in-house technical expertise to support a major digital transformation program in the areas of Cloud Computing, cybersecurity, increased access to Fiber Optics Network & Internet Access, transition to 5G, IOT,  AI.
  • The Government had to accelerate change by simply mandating the Cloud to internal organization.

ALINEDS improved Engagement by

  • Providing QA & Technical project Management support to the Digital Transformation RFS projects e.g., 5G & Artificial Intelligence Transition
  • Project Execution – oversee the construction of a Modular Datacenter to host the Government Private Cloud infrastructure & operating capability for digital platform systems.
  • Design, Integrate and develop Government Private Cloud Architecture.

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