Having More Than 15 Years of Experience in IT

Our service offerings help clients capture their current infrastructure challenges, lay out the vision for the future, and define the road-map to the enhance their business capabilities through cutting edge technologies.

We help you modernize and migrate applications, build new cloud-based applications, and transform your architecture and infrastructure while moving to a new technology operating model.

Our Cloud Advisory service assists enterprise clients in transformation and migration of their core infrastructure and application estate into private/public/hybrid cloud services. We help our clients deliver a multi-cloud strategies and define the target state required to support their digital business, simplify operating models, while driving significant cost savings. This is done by operating at the intersection of technology and strategy, providing an integrated consulting experience on our clients’ cloud transformation program, and helping them navigate complex compliance and regulatory landscape.

Our Cloud Migration services help clients plan and execute application migrations (including remediate and re-platform services as needed) to modernize for cloud or cloud platforms and prepare applications for deployment to the target cloud platform. We executed this services by developing a well-structure detailed project plan and schedule based on the below framework;

  • Perform a detailed Discovery of Application, Infrastructure, Service Management as well as Relationship Mapping, between services Applications.
  •  Analyze and classify Applications/Databases for Migration to the cloud.
  • Identify Pilot candidates and develop a road-map.
  • Develop a target state architecture design for workloads, backup, Disaster Recovery, Security and other Services
  • Identify and confirm “Move Together” dependencies.
  • Confirm Infrastructure-To-Application Mapping.
  • Determine Remediation and Testing Needs.
  • Build and Test Migration Workflows
  • Develop Infrastructure Remediation and Roll-back Plan
  • Refine Automated Configuration Workflow.
  • Conduct Dry Run.
  • Migrate Configuration and Data To Destination.
  • Build Target infrastructure on cloud.
  • Automate migration process using automation/orchestration tools such as PowerShell, Chef etc.
  • Facilitate Workload/ Application Migration.
  • Provide Executive Reporting on Deployment to client stakeholders.

We are committed to saving you time and money, all while providing our unique IT experience in the Cloud industry.

Our Program & Project Management Services provide;

  • Program management and governance functions, reporting and control.
  • Program Quality Assurance that components of  a transformation are being executed in an appropriate way, to a level of quality which will deliver the desired business outcomes.

Our team comprises of;

  • Experienced and certified Program and Project Managers who have helped international clients maximize their return of investment.
  • Professionals with in-depth knowledge of cultural awareness, as well as technical skills that are required to run medium to large scale IT programs and projects.
  • Consulting partners who value project timelines, execute within budget constraints, and deliver high quality solutions.

We ensure to follow a standard method for developing an IT Infrastructure Strategy, Business Case and Road-map. Duration and effort depends on the complexity of the estate and the level of data available for each particular client environment.

Our IT Strategy and Consulting typically consists of five components:

  • Vision & Guiding Principles –  A Vision, as well as a set of high-level principles that help guide decisions and determine a target state
  • As-Is State Assessment – an analysis of the current IT technical and operational environment to identify challenges and areas for improvement
  • Target State Definition – the formulation of a desired future state that can be worked towards typically over the next 2-5 years
  • Roadmap – a set of practical plans designed to help move towards the desired target state
  • Business Case – to underpin the implementation plan

Our main focus is to define, design and execute strategies that lead to business growth, decrease costs, and create exponential revenue for our clients business. This is accomplished by incorporating our clients business vision, goals, IT environment, skills and policies.

With the help of our multi-talented, experienced, and passionate team, our goal is to facilitate IT investments and technical support to address clients primary concerns from start to finish.

As Strategic Channel partners with Global IT leaders (such as DELL-EMC, IBM, INGRAM MICRO, TECHDATA, VMWARE, MICROSOFT, FORTINET, CISCO, AMAZON, GOOGLE) we are authorized distributors/re-sellers of value-added Software and Hardware technology products in areas of Cloud Computing, Datacenter Infrastructure, Networking, Servers, Storage and Security Solutions.

We provide the skills and capabilities to successfully manage the complexity of an end-to-end transformation while maintaining service to the business. With our team of experience IT Professionals as well as partners, in a variety of industries, we help our clients find the best candidates.
Organizations need scalability depending on workflow and demands, therefore, our team enables you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities whether it is for a few days, months or for long-term projects. We diligently screen our IT and Project Management teams to provide our clients with professionals who possess detailed knowledge of IT systems and other requisite specialties.

Industries We Serve....

Our client base includes all organizations that have any form of interaction with Information and cutting-edge Technologies. Our broad experience and knowledge include a mix of B2B and B2C clients that reside within the United States and Canada, while servicing far away destinations such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Senegal. We've worked with industries such as Retail, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Public Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing and many more.

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